HP 50g

LowBat(S) Warning and low self-discharge Ni-MH batteries


Fig.1 Battery voltage V.S. Battery monitor characteristic of an HP 50g
Battery monitor
(Version HP50-C, Revision #2.15, Serial# CNA7240xxxx)
The low battery warning occurs when monitor value goes less or equal to 0X0000030E that is approximately 4.815V of the battery voltage.

Fig.2 Typical discharge characteristics of the SANYO 'eneloop' rechargible Ni-MH battery HR-4UTG.

Though the low battery threshold seems high for the alkaline batteries,
It's just fine for the low self-discharge Ni-MH batteries e.g. SANYO's 'eneloop'.
The discharge characteristics of the 'eneloop' seems adequate to the 50g's current drain and low battery warning threshold.
SANYO eneloop

Power monitor mode of the HP 50g

Press [ON] and [F6] simultaniously to enter to the diagnostic mode.
You'll see the version and build number for a moment.
Then, it'll shows the diagnostic menu.
Choose 8.POWER by pressing [8].
It'll show the real-time power monitor.
The hexadecimal number "0X00000300" shown in the image above is the real-time supply voltage reading,
which in this case means approximately 4.73V.

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